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Investing in technology for Ferroeste Group means maintaining a standard of excellence that has been pursued over the years of operation. Many advances currently present and standardized in production processes were obtained from the initiative of the Group, alone or in partnership with other companies.

Ferroeste Group invests in technology with the goal of satisfying customers, ensuring the quality of its products, continually improving the productive and administrative processes, preserving the environment and ensuring the health and occupational safety of its employees. Thus, the Group´s companies comply with the commitment to produce renewable and quality products, in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

The pioneering in new technologies is the hallmark of the Group, always working to add value to the product, reducing costs, optimizing the use of raw materials derived from natural resources, reusing byproducts of production processes, and consequently minimizing environmental impacts.

Examples of new technologies include:

- Cogeneration of energy through thermoelectrics

- System of Fines injection (PCI)

- Plant of Blast Furnace Slag Grinding

- Several industrial automation processes

Gusa Nordeste Thermoelectric

PCI - Powder Coal Injection – CBF João Neiva

Continuous Casting Control Room - AVB

Grupo Ferroeste
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