Grupo Ferroeste

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The Group
- Mission, Vision and Values


Act with Quality, Productivity and Safety in order to obtain Excellent Results for Clients, Suppliers, Employees and Community, delivering quality renewable products, ensuring delivery times, providing great services and minimizing environmental impacts inherent in any productive activity.



Be one of the largest and most important Industrial Groups in Brazil, being globally recognized for operational excellence, quality product, recycling of industrial byproducts and respect for the environment.


- Offer products from renewable energy.

- Be an Ethical, Dynamic and Environmentally Friendly Company.

- Investing in Technology, Human Capital and the Environment.

- Offer Human Development.

- Excellent Results for its Suppliers, Employees, Clients and Community.


Grupo Ferroeste
Av. Afonso Pena, n. 4100, 10 andar - Cruzeiro - Belo Horizonte
CEP: 30130-009 - MG - Brasil
Fone: +55 31 3228 2500 / fax: +55 31 3228 2507.