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The Group
Ferroeste The Ferroeste operates in the production of charcoal. The company has furnaces for charcoal production in Minas Gerais State.

Ferroeste operates in the production of charcoal and reforestation. The company has furnaces for charcoal production in Minas Gerais State.

All the charcoal produced by the Ferroeste is destined for the pig iron industry. Thus, Ferroeste contributes to minimize the environmental impact generated by the production of pig iron, because it provides a renewable and less polluting resource than raw materials typically used in this type of industry.

The Ferroeste generated jobs in a less favored region in terms of job opportunities. Investment in new technologies of charcoal production and training of manpower is constant. The direct result of this investment in innovation and manpower is the high quality of the product offered by G5. Charcoal from G5 has up to 80% fixed carbon, a value up to 30% higher than the market average. For the consumer, this represents an enormous gain in productive efficiency and it reduces costs, since it is necessary to consume less charcoal to produce the same amount of pig iron.




- Annual current production of charcoal: 90,000 m3 / year

- Annual projected production of charcoal: 330,000 m3 / year

- Number of employees: 140

- Area of Own Planted Eucalyptus: 3,700 hectares, complemented by continuous reforested wood purchase contracts.



Rodovia BR 367 km 06 - Fazenda Godinho
Turmalina MG - Brasil
Zip Code: 39.660-000 

Charcoal – Ferroeste

Grupo Ferroeste
Av. Afonso Pena, n. 4100, 10 andar - Cruzeiro - Belo Horizonte
CEP: 30130-009 - MG - Brasil
Fone: +55 31 3228 2500 / fax: +55 31 3228 2507.