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The Group
Energia Viva

Energia Viva operates in the forestry and wood sales. The company has over 100,000 hectares of land allocated to reforestation, of which 24,000 hectares are already planted with clonal eucalyptus of high productivity. The farms of the companies cover the municipalities of Grajaú, Barra do Corda and Buriti Bravo in Maranhão.

Energia Viva plant more than 1,200 hybrid varieties of eucalyptus and develops other species of high economic value to diversify the activity. The company has a nursery with a production capacity of 20 million seedlings / year, providing quality seedlings for the whole region.  Furthermore, the implementation of new technologies and work with researchers produce innovative ideas. There is a constant focus on the training and development of all employees.

Preserving the environment has always been a priority for Energia Viva. There are more than 24,000 hectares of reservation under constant protection, and over 1,600 hectares of permanent preservation.

The social impact of Energia Viva in the regions where it operates is significant. Energia Viva is committed to the professional development of its employees, has partnerships with charities and participates in welfare projects in the region.

Nursery of eucalyptus seedlings – Energia Viva 

  Eucalyptus forest - Energia Viva




- Area of Planted Eucalyptus: 24,000 hectares

- Construction and maintenance of more than 300 km of vicinal roads

- Number of employees: 240



Rodovia BR 226, Km 41 – Zona Rural

Grajau – MA – Brasil – Zip Code: 65.940 - 000

Telephone: +55 (99) 8852-6089 

Grupo Ferroeste
Av. Afonso Pena, n. 4100, 10 andar - Cruzeiro - Belo Horizonte
CEP: 30130-009 - MG - Brasil
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