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CBF The CBF is one of the most modern plants in Brazil and charcoal produces nodular pig iron, nobler type of product.

CBF is one of the most modern charcoal plants in Brazil. Implemented in 1986 in the city of João Neiva (ES), the plant consists of two blast furnaces that are responsible for producing nodular pig iron. This type of pig iron is a more noble kind of product, being mainly used by the foundry industry for manufacturing automotive parts.

CBF generates 100% of the electric energy that consumes, through the Thermoelectric implanted in its industrial plant in 2002. The company uses blast furnace gas to generate electric energy which provides significant savings for the company and contributes to environmental preservation. The plant also uses 100% of charcoal fines generated in the handling of raw material, avoiding waste through PCI industrial plant

Production of pig iron with superior quality, customer satisfaction and respect for the environment are the pillars that support the business commitment and position the CBF brand as one of the respected companies in the charcoal steelworks industry in Brazil.


- Production Capacity: 260,000 tons / year

- Number of Blast Furnaces: 2

- Injection of Charcoal Fines

- Capacity for Cogeneration of Electric Energy: 3 MW

- Number of employees: 270




Rodovia BR 101, Km 196,5

João Neiva – ES – Brasil – Zip Code: 29.680-000

Telephone: +55 27 3258 4900 / Fax: +55 27 3258 1511

CBF pig iron plant in João Neiva 

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