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FIEMA announces the winning companies of Award for Environmental Sustainability The companies Coquilho do Brasil, Gusa Nordeste, and Alumar were the winners. The awards ceremony happened during the 2º Encontro Estadual da Indústria (2nd State Meeting of Industry).

Yesterday morning, the Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Maranhão (Fiema) (in English, Federation of Industries of the State of Maranhão) released the results of Fiema Award for Environmental Sustainability. The awards ceremony, part of the program of the 2º Encontro Estadual da Indústria, is held annually to encourage companies to adopt positive environmental practices. The event happened at the headquarters of the federation, in Cohama.

In total, 18 projects were presented and three were winners. One was from the company Coquilho do Brasil, in the Small Business category, located in the countryside of São Luís. The project was Fibra Limpa (in English, Clean Fiber), which shows the use of coconut shell as ecological alternative. The second awarded company was Gusa Nordeste industrial complex, in Açailândia, that belongs to Ferroeste Group, for the Aço Verde (in English, Green Steel) project. And the third winner was Alumar, who received honorable mention for the Water Footprint Reduction project with the use of industrial effluent in the production process.

The 2º Encontro Estadual da Indústria was focused on the business and industrial sectors from Maranhão and it was a preparatory action for the 8º Encontro Nacional da Indústria (8th National Meeting of Industry) that will happen on December, 11 and 12, in Brasilia, promoted by Confederação Nacional da Indústria (in English, National Industry Confederation) (CNI). With the event, the federation seeks to stimulate the development of the industrial sector, the sustainability of companies and the competitiveness of industries from Maranhão.

For Cláudio Azevedo, vice president of Fiema, the award is a way to recognize companies that are focused on environmental causes. "We had here one small business, such as Coquilho do Brasil, that uses composting material to generate social and environmental benefits to the local community, as well as Gusa Nordeste, who developed a way to meet the market demands with state of art technology without damaging the environment, from biomass coconut to Aço Verde (in English, Green Steel). There are different dimensions, regarding the economy, but they are both worried about the future”, he said.

Benedito Mendes, from Thematic Council of Fiema, added that this concern means thinking in continuity not only of the environment, but of the company, as it depends on raw material to act.

Projects - The Coquilho company, in the market for three years, manufactures vases, upholstery, air walls, crafts, HDF [replacing the MDF], organic fertilizer, cosmetics, and foods like cereal bars, milk fudge, and coconut oil to prepare food.

It is worth to mention the cocoxim, a vase made ​​with coconut shell, which replaces the planting of ornamental plants instead of tree fern, which is at risk of extinction.

Currently, sales are prohibited by Ibama (Brazilian Environment and Natural Resources Institute). The main collection points of the company are Mercado do Peixe, Avenida Litorânea and Ponta do Farol. 15 tons of shells are collected per week.

For Anderson Diego da Silva, owner of the company, this is a way of adding value to the coconut cultivation residue, besides contributing for generating income for the local community. "Everything began with the question: what can you do with the coconut residue? From there, we decided to work with a raw material considered waste, but truly rich. With the processing of coconut shell, there is income and jobs generation associated with the care for the environment. It s a clean profit”, he emphasized.

Gusa Nordeste -The second awarded company was Gusa Nordeste industrial complex, located in Açailândia and belonging to Ferroeste Group, for the Aço Verde (in English, Green Steel) project, the manufacturing of long steel without emission of carbon dioxide - one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect - in the Large Business category. The main objective is to produce steel in a sustainable manner based on renewable forests for charcoal production, thus removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

"The first step was to prove that the profit based on ecological sustainability is possible when facing such a large demand. We will harvest the second step with the start of activities. Our goal is a 100% sustainable pig iron from the first half of 2014, when the company starts operating”, he highlighted.

Alumar received honorable mention for the Water Footprint Reduction project with the use of industrial effluents in the production process. In attendance were Dulcimar Soares, Environmental Manager; Carlos Eduardo Neves, Refinery Manager; Adonay Sousa, Engineering Supervisor; and Márcia Silva, Supervisor of the Waste Disposal Area.

The project is related to the reuse of wastewater treated by AmBev, which was previously discarded in Pedrinhas River. Adonay explained that the water is pumped to a settling pond of the Refinery plant, which recycles about 3,100 m³ of liters of effluents. Thus, the Consortium stops capturing groundwater and reuses part of what AmBev would dispose in the river. In December 2012, the facility ceased to consume per day more than 2,100 m³ of liters of groundwater, an environmental gain for the company, the environment and neighboring businesses.


Besides the awards focused on environmental sustainability, the program presented the lectures Brazil and the Global Economy, taught by an expert in Industrial Policy from the International Business Unit of CNI, Fabrizio Sardelli Panzini; the success case of Joias do Pará Enterprise Consortium, by the manager of the consortium in Pará, João Amorim; and Scenario and opportunities for foreign trade in Maranhão, taught by the General Director of Faculdade Maurício de Nassau, Valeska Trinta.


Date: 11/30/13

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