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Company Green Steel Brazil

In the first half of the month of December 2015, the group Ferroeste has started up one of the most modern and sustainable integrated Long Steel Mill in the world with a production capacity of 600 thousand tons / year of steel to serve the domestic and foreign markets, employing directly about 350 employees with total investment of  800 millions of reais.

The company Aço Verde do Brasil (AVB), in this first phase of the development, is composed of one BOF Melt Shop for production of steel billets, and in the next year ,of one Rolling Mill for production of rebar and  high-quality wire rod, it is located in the Industrial Area of Açailândia, in Maranhão, in the northeast of Brazil. Its location next to a logistics complex, which includes railroad and road infrastructure, favors the availability of inputs and raw materials, as well as the transport of products to the domestic and foreign markets. 

Production Workflow

The company Aço Verde do Brasil (AVB) is an integrated Long Steel Mill. Its production process includes:

- Receipt, preparation and storage of raw materials;
- Pig iron manufacturing: solid and liquid;
- Liquid steel production;
- Transformation of liquid steel in billets;
- Billet Transformation in rebar bars and / or coils for civil construction and wire rod in hot coils for Industry (2017);
- Shipment of finished products.

The Steel Mill performs also:

- Generation and distribution of electricity and gases (O2,N2 and Ar) from the air;
- Treatment and distribution of water;
- Processing of industrial waste transformed into co-products;
- Industrial maintenance services, including manufacturing and repair parts;
- Development of new products;
- Investment projects of Improvements and expansion.
- Chemical analyzes in its own laboratory with modern equipment.

Grupo Ferroeste
Av. Afonso Pena, nº. 4100, 10º andar - Cruzeiro - Belo Horizonte
CEP: 30130-009 - MG - Brasil
Fone: +55 31 3228 2500 / fax: +55 31 3228 2507.